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We don't just learn from masterminds. We also learn from each other in our community throughout the year. One of our mastermind members since 2019 used the strategies shared in the ESS community to maximize their Prime Day sales in the kids lunch boxes and water bottles category. Check out their results within a few hours of Prime Day 2023.

Fabio's Journey to 8 Figures! A new entrant to the Home & Kitchen category on Amazon, Fabio had been selling on the platform for years, but was stuck at 6 figures. Everything changed when he attended the PPE 3.0 mastermind for the first time, where he gained invaluable insights into new business strategies, along with tips and tricks to scale his

We help Amazon sellers achieve their dream of becoming a 9-figure brand. One of our members who has been with us since 2020 recently reached this milestone for the first time by implementing the learnings of the masterminds and the community discussions.

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